Regina Mitchell: Founder of Inspired Creations

Inspired Creations, LLC in Huntsville, AL is a small business owned and operated by Regina Mitchell. We have been designing unique creations inspired by you in the Huntsville/Madison county area since 2001. Our creations consist of tablescapes, artificial & live floral arrangements, and unique hand crafted gifts.

We offer elegant floral and event design services- everything from stunning tablescapes, wedding ceremony and reception flowers, dream bouquets and boutonnieres and much more.

We also offer hundreds of gift ideas for our special occasions such as custom gift baskets, all natural bath and spa products and hand sewn items.

My ultimate favorite is their bath and body products and when I tell you they are bomb they are really bomb.  They smell so good and its not like one of those scents you put on and it goes away after an hour, you literally can smell it all day long! Not to mention they are affordable, you honestly can not beat $5.00 for a body scrub that smells so good, and really the amount of product you get is quite a bit!!

As Always Stay Poppin!


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20170428_120944 (2).jpg

image1 (2).JPG





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