ZACARI! Black clothing Brand!πŸ”₯✨✊🏾

The owner : Zacchaeus Simmons

The ZACARI Tribe believes art exists in every aspect of human activities. We want to encourage everyone that is breathing that they have artistic gifts no matter what career you have. With all the gifts given by God in this world we should use them as a positive influence on each other. ZACARI means β€œThe Lord Remembers”. Saying this everyone has a unique purpose on this earth and we all should find out what it is. So we encourage everyone to do one thing. BE REMEMBERED!!!

So as y’all know your girl is all about being one of a kind and I am definitely always on the lookout for some exciting pieces and this is definitely it!!! Y’all go show some love and if anyone grabs some items please send a pic to to be featured!!!!


Insta: zacari.brand

As Always Stay Poppin!

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