Venique Boutique!!! Black owned business thriving and vibing!!!

Melanin Business Mission statement:

Venique Boutique is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle! “Making every place your Runway” is the mission! They do this by empowering women to feel glamorous in any setting! We know that looking good can make your whole day better; that’s why we’re committed to being  your source for Unique, Chic & Exclusive designs. We create clothing you love, so you can be the wave instead of riding it!

About the Founder!

JTaylor Who Is she? Sunshine mixed with HURRICANE! This Brooklyn, NY native is here to stay! And Slaying in every way! This women is a triple threat! She is the Founder, CEO and Designer of the fabulous online store “Venique Boutique”, Which specializes in custom made luxury designs ranging from swimwear all the way to elaborate wedding gowns. She also has customized accessories like her fabulous Boujee shades and Diva heels.

Because your girl is so clutch and all about helping you gals and gents save some coins but also looking fabulous in these amazing, not to mention one of Kind designs. Like seriously this stuff is custom made, I brought you a little gift. 10% off your first order, yeah you heard me 10% babies. So get your beauty on and get these one of a kind pieces. Also stay on the lookout for a try on haul from me!!!

Insta: Veniqueboutique


Coupon Code:  MEL18

As Always Stay Poppin!









10 thoughts on “Venique Boutique!!! Black owned business thriving and vibing!!!

  1. Wow!!! Really impressed with her style. The Boutique website has something for everyone. Enjoyed my shopping experience. YOU GO GIRL!!! BLACK EXCELLENCE.

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  2. I am so proud of my niece I always knew she would be all she wanted to be and more. You look stunning and you have the I am hard working, I am women , I am beautiful and I am here to stay glow love you much auntie tammy.


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