The Controversy of “Slavery is a Choice”The stance on Kanye West???

Now you already know how I feel about this statement, I personally do not feel as though we as people who have not lived through the struggle of slavery should say anything about them being weak or anything along those lines period. We were not there, so we did not feel the same things they went through; the manipulation of my people; the lashes on their backs and the long hot days of work and mistreatment. However as an African American saying for the fact that we were not there does not mean it still does not affect us to this day, mentally, emotionally,personally, and physically. We are living in a world where we in fact are completely not equal. I feel as though Kanye’s statement was irresponsible, unethical, and poorly executed given the fact that this history is something many hate to remember, but will never forget. I believe Kanye is lost as a black man in America because knowing what we know as a culture and for you to do the things, and say the things that you have said sir is so disrespectful. If you have not seen the interview Kanye did with TMZ then I will insert it for you all to see. Now me personally I have no respect for this man because he has no respect for this culture, understand if he did he would not have said the things he has. Upon saying it he has posted earlier before the interview a picture with Trump’s slogan make America great again hat on, for me that slogan means and gives off  so much hate because it has gotten to the point where the slogan has been changed to make America White Again, supported by Trump Supporters.

What is your stance on the issue? Was slavery a choice or no?

As Always Stay Poppin!

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