Black Queen of the Week: SHANI REDDING!!!!!


Alrighty this girl right here is the definition of talent. Ms. Redding is a recent graduate of the pristine Lane College and she is not afraid to show it! Shani is an artist and expresses her ways different from many artist alike, she strives for excellence and her main goal is to teach others and give them a basis in understanding the different forms of art. In her case she feel as Poetry and photography is her calling.”I’ve been writing since middle school, it’s my outlet to the world. I was not able to express my emotion thoroughly (I still have a hard time now) so I let my words come alive on paper. I encourage others to write as well, even if they do not share their work. Her is an excerpt of her work(s):


I feel your vibe,

Having my mind talk to you,

With aura driving





I listen to your mind,

Foreplay your thoughts for me.

Express how you think for thee,

What makes you think those aren’t for me,

Allow everything to fall into place,

For this musical symphony,

I, now, know how to




Your aching body.

Tuning chords for a tease

Stringing nasty notes no one’s cared to please

I want your body to harmonize with me,

Play notes we can only beat

Evolving a musical love.


Pop Style

Black tints to block outsider’s views

Yellow glasses for UV’s, too

Blue shirts are made especially for you

But do you live like I do

A walk through the park with noticed views

Hand-me-down shirts because they’re still cute

And readers work perfect for my eyes, too

I am nothing compared to you

I can live my life without millions stepping on my shoe

So yes,

You’re living a life of hell.

So sorry, I am too cold to accompany you.




As always Stay Poppin!

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