DCP!!!! Disney College Program!!!

Hey my gorgeous beauts, yes it is true that the sun is out so the guns are out, but what about sun drop make that guwop? Yeah that’s right ladies and gentleman the sweetest, most magical place on earth has given me an internship!!! Whoop Whoop, I decide to apply for the Disney college program about 4 months ago, and I like most people pretty much siked myself out at the beginning because literally like millions of people apply and only a few thousand get chosen. But I also realized that I should take a risk, because that is literally what everyone else did who got in, so I sprinkled my little pixie dust and prayed and low and behold I conquered. So you girl was accepted for the Fall Advantage which means I will be there from June to January!!!!! I’m so excited so this post is to brighten yalls day to show that anyone can do anything and always give yourselves props because you are amazingly talented! Also I will be blogging and vlogging while down there giving you all a little taste of what Disney life will be like!!! Also make sure to keep a lookout on the DCP they take applications every year, so make sure you apply!

Perks: You are able to recieve comp tickets for a certain number of hours you work. Comp tickets are free tickets to give to your family and friends

You are able to go to the park as many times as you want whenever you want for free

It is great for the resume, and opens so many opportunities for you

Meeting New People!


As Always Stay Poppin!!!

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