Melanin Passport: Memphis???

Alrighty my gorgeous specimens, today is going to be an exciting day, a day full of wonder and enjoyment. And I actually think me and my boyfriend got a little carried away with the amount of pictures we took lol! But who’s complaining….. hopefully not you! So, gather your passports, pull out your sunscreen and hideous tropical shirts because today, ladies and gentleman, we are going to take a trip to Memphis, Tennessee! Yeah that’s right Memphis, Tennessee, the good ole south, home to the civil rights museum, Elvis Presley, the beautiful Pyramid, and some BBQ!

yall when I say Memphis is litty! It’s awesome, we had such a good time at the pyramid we didn’t actually go up in the lift but got to walk around and look at the fish and stuff which was really cool. Some of them actually were big enough to eat me. But yeah we went to Beale street and just had a ball to the live performances, the jokes, and some wacky souvenirs we were sure to have a great time!  Memphis is great full of culture and not to mention great food. The Martin Luther king exhibit was really cool, and they have some pretty cool Instagram worthy spots! The night life is A-1 not to mention all the hotels you could desire are located near by, plus so many shopping places…. ladies. So what the heck are you waiting for come on down to Memphis.


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