Black History Month! Reverend Jesse Jackson!!!

The great Reverend Jesse Jackson! Amazing, extraordinary, jubilant, proud. Words that resonate in my brain when I hear a name so iconic as such. Not only do we here at The Great Lane College do our best to strive in everything we do, but we also are blessed to have guest speakers so diverse and ethnically important, like Reverend Jesse Jackson! I do not know about ya’ll but my black history month is complete! I have and just like many of my peers have been granted the most amazing opportunity to dwell in the presence of of this courageous leader. He as a leader has been able to explain to the black community, the importance of our voices in voting. A quote from the great himself! ” My voice counts.” He unified us as a whole and encouraged us to be strong and because of this he is a constant reminder of how we must be a people. Not a separate, not a person, but a people, a whole nation. Black history month is something that should be cherished and not taken for granted. I challenge you to know your history. As a African American if you do not know your heritage, then you do not know where you are going. “Watch Night”, fall of 1862, we were the backbone of the southern economy, when we joined the union army we undercut the southern plantation, and it gave us the power to bare arms against our slave masters. What matters is Dec.31. We were set free after 244 years! We prayed and watched all night. We are deep in the roots of this country, and during slavery they didn’t kill many of us because we weren’t a threat, we were an asset. Between the years of 1880-1950, 5000 blacks were linched, it was a way of keeping us silent and a way to keep us from voting. Just some food for thought!

As always Stay Poppin!

2 thoughts on “Black History Month! Reverend Jesse Jackson!!!

  1. So amazed at all the work you are putting into this and how wonderful it’s turning out!! Miss you so much! I hope you are having the BEST time at college! :))


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