Alrighty guys it is time! Time to harness our finances and as my grandmother would say become the cream of the crop. I’m talking saving, BIG SAVING. Not just pocket change baby, but pocket, couch, and book bag change. There will come a time in your lives my young grasshoppers, where things, everything that could possibly happen will happen. Those my Melanin beauties are called rainy days. Now lets say you are a free spender, it’s just like the term free spirit, but in the terms of money you just spend money whenever and wherever. Imagine this, a cold December night, on a college campus. You are sitting on your bed when the clock strikes 10 PM and your stomach growls. Little caesars down the road, stays open until 11 PM, so you’re thinking to yourself heck yeah, this pizza is about to be life! You open your wallet and realize that the $100 dollar bill you had earlier is gone, nothing but dust and lint fill the crevices of where the cash was supposed to be. Well, because you decided to spend that $100 on a new pair of shoes earlier, instead of saving it, you are now watching your stomach eat your back. You ever been so broke you had sleep for dinner? So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, one simple change must be made! Save that doe baby, and in saving that doe, invest that doe. Is it possible for me to make that into a song, like seriously I’m copy writing that. Anyways, back to the bigger picture lol, Investing!!! In case you’re not sure, I got you! Investing is taking your money that you earn, and putting it into an account that makes you more. Now investing is tricky, because you can either lose or gain money. But this is why, you do not put all of your money in the investment pot. You want to take a percentage! Also, make sure you do your research, never put your money in a company that is always losing money, because you will do the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Now if you’re ready to start poppin my young pupils, then here is an app I use personally. Robinhood, it is awesome, every company that can be invested in, is on their forum, and they make it very easy and feasible to use! So what are you waiting for? Make that doe! As always Stay Poppin!!!

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