HBCU of the Week!

Okay ladies and gentleman it’s about that time where deadlines for college acceptance letters are approaching fast. I mean like kamikaze fast. I know what you’re thinking like, how could I possibly know where to start, right? Well my sweet darlings this is why I’m here, and I guess in 2018 we can still say “This is why I’m hot”, shout out to MIMS. You see I was once there in your shoes, going completely insane trying to find the perfect school and the perfect price “hint hint”. At a young age I knew I wanted to go to an HBCU, I saw the movies, and dreamt about the day I pledged and went to my first college party. But I only had one problem, I didn’t know where to go! So my beautiful, sunny pupils, if you are getting close to your due date, or needs some guidance, then this is the article for you. For the month of February, I will be making a school the HBCU of the week, this will hopefully help you all bring to light the many options there are to an HBCU! Many will be posted but only one will be perfect for you! So have fun, and good luck! As always Stay Poppin!

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