Make up for Melanin girls

Alrighty my beauties it is that time of the year, lol the fa la la lodaays! Which means it’s time to be bolder than before, girls it’s time to bring out the big guns and be bold with our lip colors! So congratulations good looking because if you’re like me and hate swatching colors you have came to the right place, because i’m gonna have you looking bomb for the low low. Now the first place on our list today will be BHCosmetics. They are so bomb, when I say bomb I’m talking pallets that are super pigmented for hella cheap. Let me put it like this I bought 4 pallets and a brush set for $50. OMG, I know what you’re thinking like where has this been my whole life. Like girl IDK but here you go, just sprinkling a little melanin your way. Search them up you will not be dissapointed. Okay so moving on to the next stop will be my favorite, Walmart! I know right how could we let this gem slip right through our fingers? Here you can purchase two really underrated brands, Wet and Wild, and Kokie Cosmetics. Now I was not familiar with Kokie cosmetics but girl after swatching it I’m glad I am! I prefer liquid matte lipsticks, and they are so pigminted and so far have had some really good colors that have complemented my skin tone! Wet and Wild is a gem for me and I have been using them since I started makeup, pretty good quality depending on what you get but their lipsticks are bomb and cheap! So girls get your wallets and your bare faces ready it’s game time, and cuffing season! Lol, as Always stay Poppin!

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