Alrighty my melanin lovers, it is time. The time of doom is over but the time of remorse has just begun. Yes that’s right you guessed it now that you have survived midterms, you must now prevail finals. The point of no return, all purchases are final no returns. Finals are like the annoying sister you accidentally hurt and promise to give her stuff if she stops crying, all for her to later on tell mom what you did anyways. But nevertheless, it still needs attention. So for the next week or so, you will see people who have never been out of their rooms since school started, let alone been to class. Yep seriously, they will come out and they will be in the library. It is the greatest time of the year for me because it is so cool to see such interesting and new faces. So without further a do here are a few tips to survive finals!

  • Always pack extra pencils
  • pack waters or Gatorade
  • have a calculator handy (Graphing one)
  • Study with partners and or groups
  • lots of late night snacks!!!( pizza)
  • ON the exam day drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits, grains, and protein
  • Do not stress about it’
  • Do not second guess yourself
  • Always dress comfortably
  • Smile

As always stay Poppin!

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