Trust is a very important attribute when you’re in a relationship. Now a lot of us can vent that past relationships can take a toll and sometimes you can carry the baggage with you to another relationship. Which is horrible and I know it’s hard to sometimes let go and put your guard down when falling for another person, but you have too. Your relationship needs to be built on trust, because at the end of the day a relationship is not a relationship without trust. If you as a person are not ready to let go of the things that the past relationships entails, then do not get into a relationship. Excuses are a big turn off, just because you have been hurt before does not mean you hurt the person who is trying to love you. Why hurt someone else when you know how it feels and felt for you. Love is hard enough, so being honest is key. If you are not ready for a relationship then let that person know, and if you aren’t like you say you aren’t, do not lead that other person on. That is also not good for you or for your lover, mixed messages are the worse! Let it be known that if you like someone tell them, we are all grown enough no more smoke signals, and the were just talking. Stop playing around because you are the one who is unsure of your feelings. Be adults let your feelings be known, and your intentions up front, stop wasting each other’s time. As always stay Poppin!

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