Chivalry is dead?

What ever happened to long hand written love letters. The dramatic soappy kinds, the ones that made you laugh, smile, cry, and love all in one breath. I guess you could say Chivalry is dead, I miss it. Everyone has a criteria you could say, things that they like and mine is love. What happened to this generation, where did the love go. What happened to being romantic and doing things for your significant others just because. My generation has completley lost the element of surprise and love. As a kid listening to my parents stories and how they met had me optomistic about life and one day meeting my prince charming the same way. But I realized it is not like how it was back then. They had love letters, and their hommies helping them out, asking the girl out before class. Waking her to class, and holding her books, or secret meetings on the stairwells during 5th period. Now in this day in age , it’s “Aye Ma”, “let me slide in those DM’S”. Like excuse me I enjoy walks in the park, zoo’s, aquariums, and libraries, etc. Get to know the girl then ask for information according to her personality. I am not a garden tool so please do not treat me like one. As always stay Poppin!

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