Las Vegas

Today is a day of grievance, I am sadden because I was awaken to an alert on my phone. It read mass shooting at a festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, killing 50 injuring 200 and counting. That stunned me, because all of this sin that is going on in the world, and having all these “natural” disasters, you would think maybe enough is enough. When will the violence stop, how could you willingly open fire in a crowd of people knowing there are children and be able to live with your conscience. Humanity and this world really need a reality check, and realize what we are doing is not what God intended us to be like, and if you blatantly think it is OK to act as we do then you have no morals. Let God help us and have mercy because we are falling short of his glory. This was a terrorist attack and should be labeled as such, I will be distraught if the media comes out with a cover saying an angry person, or a misunderstood adult. No they are a terrorist nothing more and nothing less, they committed this act with one intention only and that was to kill. My heart goes out to all the families who are burdened with this tragic experience, and I will keep you all in my prayers. May God heal your heart and minds, and be kind to you, for you should not have to suffer because a terrorist decided to commit this deed of treason. Love and condolences to the families. As always Stay Poppin!

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