Black Queen of the Week!!

Brionna McNeil! A name many should know, she and I both attend Lane College, and we hit it off from the day we met. It all started at the “beginning of time” ( Little rascals), 1 year ago, lol! We met during band camp, and because we attend a HBCU and we are part of the band, we were called crabs. We were crab sisters! We both were part of the Fabulous Flags here at Lane, and we did everything together. If she was ever feeling down I would cheer her up, and be there to comfort her. If I was ever biting the dust, which was very often she was my Knight and shinning Armour, we are the dynamic duo. When I started college I was afraid I was not going to fit in, or let alone even find friends or a friend half as genuine as her. She completes me and I love her very dearly. Brionna is like no other she carries herself like a swift wind, and everyday is never a dull moment with her. She makes me laugh, and when I say laugh I mean to the part where my gut busts and my eyes are raining. Yes I said raining, I’m a grown woman I don’t cry, lol. But in all seriousness thank you Bri, for being there for me when others turned their back. Thank you for being the light to my dark tunnel. Just thank you for being a real friend and having my back baby girl, this one’s for you! She has more than enough earned this spot to be deemed The Black Queen of the Week! As always stay Poppin!

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