Rejection, a word many of us dread to hear, and a word many of us hate to feel. Sometimes shooting your shot can be hard and challenging, and sometimes upon shooting your shot to the person desired for, they can either catch the ball, or keep on dribbling it. Regardless of the path it all starts with you, my testimony is as follows. I am very shy, and timid when it comes to talking with boys, I would say I am a total disaster, I’m not super witty but that’s OK. In my head I feel like I’m the bees knees but in all reality I completely back flip into a love coma and fall straight on my face. Regardless it does not keep me from trying. Before college I never wanted to shoot my shot, I felt as though every time I tried to approach the opposite sex I would either sike myself out or just look completely dumb. I was afraid of, that’s right you guessed it “Rejection”. I was afraid of the failure that comes with it, I know a lot of you all either talk to the person you like based upon your friends hyping you up. Yep that was me, and sometimes it still is me, especially if I really like this person. P.S to the guys reading, if a girl comes up to you and explains in detail why she likes you, then she is a keeper. One because she is using her words, she is not out there like other girls, she is taking her shot, and vice versa. Personally I do not like to be lied to, if a girl asks you if you find interest in her, tell the truth, do not boost her up because you think it is what she wants to hear. TBH we like for you to tell the truth now, than to lie and tell the truth later. It is totally not cool, it breaks our trust and our hearts, because we have lived this lie thinking about you in a made up fantasy world that you have put into our heads. So with that being said men and women take this to heart, do not toy with each others feelings, if she or he is not what you are looking for then just say so, because it is the most embarrassing feeling to walk around campus and hear the person you like whisper “Stop there she goes”, or ” That’s her” followed with laughter. That really hurts and is very low down to the person who thought you could be and was someone different. I want us to be aware of our actions, and who we reject because most of us reject people who really cared about you, and would go to the ends of the earth with you. Often times we reject people for something they think is better based on their body, which is not okay because you are physically connected but not mentally or emotionally. Although, rejection sucks, never stop trying continue to have confidence in yourself, and trust in the lord. If it is not meant to be then it will not be.Just some food for thought. As always Stay Poppin!

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