Grown People Problems!!!

Alrighty let’s get down to the knit and grit of moving off campus! I am a college student who is now experiencing what life really is like. As a teenager living in your parents house you didn’t really care how long you left the light on, or how many times you flushed the toilet. But now, I dare you to come in my house and leave a light on. With all the expenses that comes with moving off campus, the utilities is definitely one bill you can control. I say this because utilities are based off usage, and I have figured a way to keep more money in my pocket and better ways to use the saved money where I see fit. So call me what you want but you can’t call me broke. So if it is your first year off campus,  your first year in an apartment, or if you are considering an apartment, I’m glad you’re here honey because this is the article for you. It all starts with apartment hunting, and believe me this process is not easy. When I was looking for my apartment I saw some really great apartments, and I saw a lot of really horrible apartments honey! I mean really bad, so bad I had to take pictures because of the audacity to call it livable. Any who, do not be discouraged, pro tip that many fail to realize, do not settle for just any apartment. I honestly suffered with this notion, for the mere fact of finances. According to me if it was in my price range I was okay with a few minor cuts and bruises to the apartment, but honey was I wrong! I am so glad I got back on track because baby I did not know what I was doing, God came and pulled me from the heavens and slapped some sense into me. JUST BECAUSE IT IS IN YOUR PRICE RANGE DOES NOT MEAN IT IS THE BEST APARTMENT FOR YOU! Yes my young grasshopper, keep looking, and never make a hasty decision because you feel like you are running out of time. Take what information you have and make a decision over lunch. When apartment hunting always take pictures of everything, especially faults in the apartment that way when moving out, if so choose, they do not charge you for it! Be careful with that as well because some apartment managers are trifling babes. So have fun and go Adulting!! As always stay Poppin!

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