How to Resume

It is very important to make sure all your ducks are in a row when applying for jobs, with that being said having a resume on hand makes your chance of getting the job, greater. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you secure your dream job. Always arrive before time; in the corporate world being punctual is key for success. If your meeting is at 2:00 PM you must be waiting in the lobby by 1:30 PM. This shows the employer that you are punctual and you pay attention to detail, and first impressions are everything. Look presentable, always make sure you are put together, never go to an interview with excessive amounts of jewelry, sneakers, or leisure clothing, it is very unprofessional, and it also weakens your chance of a job. When arriving at an interview always silence your phone, do not ever look at it while interviewing because it shows the employer that if hired, you will also lose focus when doing important tasks assigned to you. Always print out extra copies of your resume because you never know how many people will be in the room when you are being interviewed and that shows the employer how prepared you are. Most of all if you are unaware of how to make a resume below will be a breakdown of where to start. As always stay Poppin!

  • Choose a professional Font. Preferably Times New Roman in either size 11 or 12.
  • Your page setup is important! One-inch margins with 1.5 line spacing. Your paragraphs should be aligned to the left and header’s etc., should be centered.
  • Create a professional header (located at the very top of your resume), the header should consist of your name and contact information. ( Address, number, email)
  • Depending on the job you are applying for your resume should cater to what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to show your growth and progression in the career that you have chosen then a Chronological Resume will better suit you. If you are creating a resume that depicts what skills you posses than a Functional Resume will better suit you. If you are doing a resume that shows of both your career progression and you skills then you will want to do a Combinational Resume.
  • You should start your resume with a summary, which is located under the header in the first paragraph. A summary is a brief explanation of what job you are applying for. Always remember use pleasing vocabulary words to better sum up the job title.
  • In the second paragraph you want to put your key skills. Key skills that apply to the job. Say if you are applying to be an IT Manager ( Information Technology), you would want to put “Analytical and problem solving skills”
  • Third paragraph should list your employment history; I personally put this on the third bullet, because say you do not have the experience that they may want you to have. They now have gone through your strong suits and could possibly deem you as trainable.
  • Fourth should be your education history. (High School and College, etc.)
  • Fifth is a detailed list of your achievements and awards.
  • The very last paragraph should be your references. This should be at least two professional and one personal. References are people that the employer’s call that can vouch for what is on your resume. People often put people they have worked with or have worked for.

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