Hair, Can we say Yass!

Ohh Sweet natural hair, you have been so good to us. To all Melanin Queens you know hair is important. Hair is a part of us, it shows ones uniqueness and ability in their craft and art! Natural hair dates back to slavery. Braids were introduced to help slaves escape from captivity; which is why we have so many unique patterns. They served as maps to help them communicate where to go without having to say a word. So when wearing braids, we must wear them with dignity, not because I’m telling you, but to know where we come from. Your hair is beautiful, too many times have I heard sister’s say that they hate their natural hair. No Mam! Love it because it comes in all shapes and wonderful textures baby! So flaunt it, walk that catwalk of life! Yes natural hair at times can get dry, but water is your best friend. Hydration is the key girl! It keeps your curl pattern a lot more manageable. Also, use a lot of natural products, such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. For inspiration check out Pinterest, or Instagram. To help you learn about your hair, try different styles and experiment, you never know what masterpiece you can come up with. Hair care is very important and so is leave out. When getting braids make sure that you leave a little hair at the base, so you do not damage your edges; the weight from the extra hair takes a toll. When washing your hair, co-wash twice a month at least, and do a deep condition every week or two. While washing de-tangle as much as possible, start from the bottom to the top. Refrain from adding heat to your hair such as blow drying, and flat-ironing. Last but not least pick a style and rock it sister! From the words of the great J Cole “Love yourself, girl, or nobody will”. Stay Poppin!

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